Singer / Songwriter

It's all about the song

I'm a singer songwriter from the Lake Norman area near Charlotte, North Carolina.   I write, play and teach songwriting in our active and talented local music community.

 It still amazes me how a song can bring to life the feelings and experiences that created it. When someone tells me my song touched them, it is a special feeling and a precious connection.  This musical connection is why it is means so much to share my songs with you.

People kept asking me where they could get copies of my music!  I owe them so much because I started recording for them and discovered that I am a studio rat!  I love the creative process of coordinating all the textures of the different instrument voices into a musical creation.  Love it love it!   

I started recording my songs in 2020.  Now I have a CD out and another ready to launch as yet another in final stages.  I am recording them in Nashville in my favorite  studio with "A" listed musicians at Beaird Music Group.  (So much fun!)

I enjoy playing my songs at local venues with my amazing and talented songwriter friends.  Check out my schedule and come join my talented musical family!

Studying songwriting and learning to craft and recraft my songs has been my obsession for a long time.  I teach songwriting lessons and workshops, and lead in songwriting organizations.  Please reach out if you want to join our wonderful songwriting family in Charlotte, NC.  They are warm and special people.